V-Mac Silos – Your Bulk Silo Partner – Silos, Hoppers, Wood Pallet Storage, Meal Bins, Feed Hoppers

Purpose-built to your Specific Requirements

Customize Your Silo

All our V-Mac Silos are custom built to your specific requirements and its very important to us that you get the silo that is perfect for your needs. To allow us to do this we can provide several options at small additional costs.

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Apart for aesthetic reasons, silos need to be painted to meet ROI TAMS grant approval.  In addition, if you are situated close to the sea or where the air has a high salt content, painting provides an additional protective layer for your V-Mac silo and reduces the potential impact of weathering.

We can paint your V-Mac silo any colour (just give us a RAL colour reference but most customers go with Green, Gray or brown.

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Extra Height

The outlets on your V-Mac silo are at standard height, however we can raise or lower these to suit your particular requirements.  (E.g. some customers prefer the auger connection to be at a certain height to suit their parlour set up).

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Double doors (enclosed silos only)

We can install double doors on your V-Mac silo given you 70-inch-wide access under the cone.  This can allow you to fill a loader bucket or with extra height give you somewhere to store a Quad!

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External Chutes

We can fit 10-inch pipe installations to your V-Mac silo which can allow you to fill bags, buckets or loader buckets.  The obviously work better with some product, like pellets as against wet mixes like blends or rations.  They are connected higher up on the side of the cone so they will always have to be emptied out of the bottom of the cone.

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Filler and Breather pipe position.

Again, these are usually on the front right leg of a legged V-Mac silo or on the right of the door on an enclosed silo. However, we can position them wherever suits your particular needs. It is always worth checking to see how the meal truck will access the silo and where is the best position to site the pipes.