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Why Choose Us!

Custom Built Silo Solutions

Purpose-built to your specific requirements.

We don’t make stock silos. Every single silo is custom built to your specific requirements – our Design Experts make sure every silo is exactly what you need.

V-Mac Silos are different

Unique Rolled Body strip of MagiZinc® steel

We make our silos different from anyone else. Our rolled body construction ensures a smooth inside wall helping excellent product flow and super-strength construction.

V-Mac Silo Reputation

Best in the industry

We have developed our reputation for Quality, Value, and Customer Service over the past 75 years – give us the opportunity to show you that this reputation is well deserved.

Why Buy a V-Mac Silo?

Bio Security

Protection of the food chain from Field to Fork is becoming more and more important – V-Mac Silos help ensure the Bio Security of the feed you give to your animals

Health & Safety

No more back breaking work emptying tote bags, a V-Mac silo makes it easier to handle bulk feeds

No Waste

Up to 10% of Animal feed stored in sheds is wasted through Vermin, Handling Damage and Going Off – V-Mac Silos prevents this waste

Cost Savings

Buying in Bulk typically costs €30 to €40 per ton cheaper than bags


Silos installed Across Ireland & the UK


Square Feet of Manufacturing Space


Years since the 1st V-Mac Silo


Team Members

What our Customers Say

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Keane Farm Family

Since we installed the McAree silo, we never had to look at it. We clean it out every so often, and the 6” side spout at the bottom of the cone is very handy for filing a meal barrow if we want to feed other stock.

When we ordered the feed silo, the McAree team advised us on preparing the concrete base.

After about two weeks when the concrete was cured, the bin was erected in less than two hours. So, we are very happy with our decision to deal with McAree Engineering.

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Ashleigh (Pig) Farms

We have dealing with McAree Since we build our new unit in 2018. We were very happy with the quality and structure of their bins, also their customer service and delivery was excellent

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Bogue Dairy Farm

Bogue Dairy Farm has been using McAree feed bins for over 30 years and is currently using ten V-Mac silos on his pig farms. So it is no surprise that they opted to purchase a McAree bin for their new Greenfield site.

They said that “the McAree meal silos are well finished, have a long usage life and are competitively priced so we are happy to keep buying them.”

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